Moon HMZ is an aspiring architect with many other interests.
Her internet alias is Moon HMZ, sometimes stylized as moon.hmz.
She has many aspirations, dreams, and ideas, and itches for them to come alive.
Characters waiting for their first breath, stories waiting to be told,
visions waiting to break free.
Step inside and have a peek of her mission to welcome them into this world.

"Looking through Munira’s arty blog is more than just sketches by a Muslimah,
you really get a feeling of connection.
I think it’s her mix of casually sketched doodles
on the back of bus tickets
and her small but remarkable observations.
In letting you into to the nuances of her mind
you find things you can relate to as a Muslim,
but also as any young woman."

- Hana Tajima of StyleCovered
July 2009

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